RAW Modular: From Forest to Floor to Walls.

RAW Modular: From Forest to Floor to Walls.

RAW Modular: From Forest to Floor to Walls.

Step into an interior that captures the simplicity of clean geometric shapes and organic lines. The subtle use of space and fittings, creates an uncluttered and minimalistic living area, which imparts a serene and soothing ambience.

RAW Modular is the perfect antidote for the turmoil of the modern lifestyle. It is about connecting to nature and blending it into indoor spaces – from forest to floor to walls. Integrated into the design are geometric and organic shapes, flat surfaces; simple forms; and minimal but functional interior partitions.

Functionality, flexibility and efficiency drive the architectural design, which effortlessly creates serenity and simplistic beauty. Together with form, light and space, RAW Modular’s compact living structures create a cosy huddle of steel, glass and timber.

The interior walls are bedecked with WISA-Birch Special, a multipurpose high-quality plywood. It is said that birch trees were among the first to populate the landscape after the massive glaciers of the last Ice Age receded – testimony to the timber’s strength and durability. The Birch is a tree, which symbolises renewal and beginnings; a practice that RAW Modular’s design thinking constantly explores and strives towards to create new and unique solutions between object, user and space.

RAW Modular does not limit customisation but provides solid building blocks to play with. Embracing Modular compact living structures brings freedom from clutter and simplifies the way you work and live.

For more info on the products used in this build, hop on over to the Exterior Post on this project.

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