Women Who Work Wonders with Wood

Women Who Work Wonders with Wood

Women Who Work Wonders with Wood

Tracy Levison – Passionate about Eco-friendly Architecture

According to Tracy, LevEco Architects, “A focus in our industry, as we move into the 2020s and beyond, is sustainability. Climate change issues and sustainable solutions to our earth’s problems are really at the foreground of many people’s minds. The built environment contributes immensely to the above, and in the past, in a negative way.”

“I am only starting to explore the abilities of Lunawood Thermowood and its many applications. I have loved using it to warm internal spaces, with wall cladding, and as shading devices such as pergolas and screens. To be able to use beautiful timber and understand fundamentally that you are not contributing to deforestation, loss of natural rain forests and animals, makes the choice an easy one.”

Wall cladding in Lunawood, available from Universal Plywoods

“Thankfully we are seeing a great movement to change this to the positive. Material choices are an important aspect of this – where the parts of our buildings come from, how they are made, how they move around the earth to get to their destination, and how they will eventually be removed or disposed of – its life cycle. That is where products such as Thermowood Lunawood are a great choice for architects. Sustainably produced, through well-managed plantations versus forest hardwoods, low toxicity, long life cycle, and its natural beauty, make it appealing on so many levels.”

Tracy’s favourite subjects at school were Geography, Art, Maths and Science, culminating in her studying Architecture. Tracy advocates that a creative idea begins and becomes buildable through utilising Maths and Physics. Every piece of architecture is influenced by its place on this globe. What makes Architecture even more special is its human aspect. Architects and designers create buildings that humans inhabit, eat in, sleep in, work in, and live in.

“Being a woman in the building industry has its ups and downs. It has been a male dominated industry in the past, however, there are now more and more professional female architects graduating, and running their own practices.”

Universal Plywoods, are the sole distributors of Lunawood, the Spruce and Pine, engineered wood that is gaining massive popularity in the construction and architectural world. For further information about a wide variety of different wood products, contact our warehouses in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Ballito and Durban. We pride ourselves in our service and knowledge on the application and choice of interior and exterior wood projects.

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