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PT Kayan Wood Industries (KWI) is privately owned and a professional manufacturer for commercial plywood and all related timber products to serve the market.

Supported by companies with a professional background in sustainable logging practices, KWI has applied strong sustainable procurement to ensure its products complied with the principle and criteria of a sustainable environment. At KWI, we believe the future of the timber industry is related to the ability to manage our natural resources responsibly.

The company produces premium-quality plywood, veneer, platform, LVL, blockboard and barecore using the latest technologies and expertise. It was all started with veneer peeling, we have grown a lot since then to produce plywood to serve throughout Europe, Asia and Australia. Strategically located in East Java – Indonesia, KWI has gained a stable and sustainable source of both hardwood and softwood logs.

At KWI, we value our customers by turning our passion for wood into high-quality products to cater to our customer’s different needs at different times. We are growing with our customers, and we will go the extra mile when we can to meet those needs.

Plywood is a manufactured wood panel made from thin sheets of wood veneer, which are glued together layer by layer to form a composite material. The plywood manufactured by KWI is strong, durable, easy to work, and easy to handle. Depending on the applications, we offer a range of panel thickness, sizes, and type to meet the continuously developing requirements of our modern customers.

The company’s corporate values are:

  • K Knowledge – We constantly develop our knowledge/skills to produce high quality products.
  • W Welfare – We constantly improve the welfare of our factory and our community.
  • I Investment – We constantly seek business growth opportunities to increase our investment value.


  • Marine Plywood
  • Commercial Hardwood
  • Container Flooring Boards
  • LVL
  • Barecore

Properties and characteristics

  • Responsible management of resources to ensure sustainable cost-effective products
  • Latest technologies permit excellent fast and competitive products
  • Customer focused offering high quality products



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