STEICO offers its customers ecological construction products from renewable raw materials.   The company has positioned itself as a system provider for ecological house building. STEICO offers an integrated timber construction system that complements insulation materials and structural components.  The experienced and capable team of  professionals located throughout the UK offer commercial and technical advice on products and building compatibility

Sustainability is the focus, with the manufacture of wood fibre insulating materials from renewable raw materials.  They have been supplying an ecologically oriented clientele and as the public has grown to understand the importance of sustainability they have become more socially responsible.   STEICO sees sustainability as an interplay between the three areas of ecology, economy and social issues.

STEICO loves wood. Dealing responsibly with wood as a resource is a matter of course. No other natural building material is so versatile, so robust and so reliable. The ecological products from resources used in an environmentally friendly manner are used in new construction and when renovating roofs, walls, ceilings, floors and facades. They allow the construction of healthy buildings with a particularly high quality of living. With STEICO wood fibre insulating materials, you get ecological building products in and on your house, manufactured according to the example set by nature.

STEICO’s products are building materials of the future due to their organic nature, and they enable ecological building as part of the sustainable development of our society.


  • Construction of ecological houses
  • Roofs
  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Facades
  • Renovation

Properties & Characteristics

  • Ecological construction products fer renewable raw materials
  • Integrated timber construction system
  • Experienced team of profession staff throughout the UK
  • Natural building material with effective protection against mould
  • Good insulation resulting in less air movement inside
  • Sustainable company supporting healthy building
  • High Insulated fibre provides comfortable living in winter



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