Lunawood timber is an innovative solution for sustainable and long-lasting wood projects both indoors and outdoors. Lunawood is harvested from sustainably certified Nordic forests of Scandinavia, from where it is transported to mills in Finland and thermally treated. This Nordic timber is non-toxic and suitable for all climates and weather. It also has a high resistance to insect invasion because of thermal modification. Typically, a rich brown Walnut-like colour, with a hint of yellow or red, Lunawood brings opulence and luxury to any space. Its unique properties will inspire ecological and creative, architectural designs. Expect prices to be in a similar price range to tropical hardwoods such as Balau and Garapa.

Balau is an Indonesian, dense hardwood, which is the preferred decking timber for coastal regions like Durban and Cape Town but can also handle drier climates if oiled on an annual basis and correctly maintained. When treated, it usually takes on a reddish-brown to purple-brown colour with a coarse texture. Adding it to your outdoor living spaces will invite cosiness and warmth. Balau is globally harvested and not on the CITES widely available.

Garapa is native to South America. It is a tough, dense wood with a soft, satiny grain. Garapa has yellow to brown-yellow heartwood, which generally weathers to an attractive grey if left untreated. The golden tones of this wood will impart a natural look to an outdoor project. Garapa wood has a high decay resistance rating, and its natural oils make it adequately resistant to termite and other insect attacks. It is most popular amongst South African contractors and installers because it is known as an easy timber to work with. Preferred in the Cape and Gauteng markets, Garapa is well worth the investment.

Originating in South America, Massaranduba timber is incredibly durable, hardy and ideal for decking. Also known as Bulletwood, it is highly resistant to weather, rot, fungi and wood-boring insects. Incredibly dense and heavy, its warm and rich reddish-brown colour, which tends to darken with age, is an excellent choice for creating a high end finish.

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