• Kiln dried Spruce and Siberian Larch, not plained. For further processing, construction, non-visible structures, frames, suitable for rustic structures.
  • UltralamLVL is manufactured using a combination of Nordic Spruce veneers and Nordic Larch veneers which are laminated in the same direction. Made in a continuous press, LVL is the new age of wood engineering. Ultralam™'s LVL advantages include:
    • High Strength
    • Dimensional stability
    • Guaranteed technical data
    • Light weight, simple installation
    • Corrosion resistance

    Ultralam™ is used in roof structures, ceilings, concrete forms, wall and floor frames, lintels for doors and windows, flanges in I-joists, scaffold planks.

  • WISA-Form Elephant, birch plywood with wood plastic composite coating, is designed for concrete shuttering where stringent requirements are set on the number of reuses. The hardwearing coating brings extra value especially in frame systems and in rental use, where the extensive service life enables prolonged panel change intervals.
  • WISA-Hexa is a plywood panel coated with brown or grey film and imprinted with a hexagonal pattern intended for use as flooring in the transport industry, i.e. trailers and horse boxes and building applications such as warehouses, loading platforms and scaffolding. WISA-Hexa is the best choice when slip resistant or decorative flooring is needed.

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