100% Poplar Chipboard ”TUTTOPIOPPO”


The Invernizzi particleboard is a “single ply” board done of chips of different granulometry , coming from the waste of poplar, glued together with urea based resins and then pressed. This particleboard is made using poplar which can’t be used in plywood production or which is the waste of plywood production. Poplar gives to the board white colour, lightness and closeness . The full process is checked in all its stages.

Thicknesses and sizes:

  • Thicknesses : 6 – 60 mm
  • Press surfaces measure mt.11,16 x 2,02
    • 3720 x 2020 mm
    • 2790 x 2020 mm
    • 2480 x 2020 mm
    • 3720 x 1880 mm (*)
    • 2230 x 2020 mm (**)
    • 2480 x 2020 mm (**)
    • Special sizes on request.

(*) Size 1880 only for thicknesses from mm.10 to mm.30 | (**) minimun quantity mc.10.

Gluing: The Invernizzi poplar chipboard can be produced in CLASS 1, that is through an ureic gluing method that is suitable to panels used in dry places and in interiors (UNI EN 636-1).

Invernizzi poplar chipboard

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