Birch Plywood Transparent

Furniture can be made with plywood that is finished in a transparent or semi-transparent manner. By using a clear coating of polyurethane, you can allow the natural grain and color of Birch plywood to show through. In contemporary furniture design, this creates a warm, natural look.



Birch plywood can be finished in a way that creates a transparent or semi-transparent appearance suitable for use in furniture. One common way to achieve this is by using a clear finish, such as a clear coat of polyurethane, that allows the natural grain and colour of the Birch plywood to show through. This creates a warm, natural look that is popular in contemporary furniture design.

Another way to achieve a transparent appearance is by using a process called “bookmatching,” where two consecutive sheets of veneer are opened like a book and glued together with the grain patterns mirrored. This creates a symmetrical pattern that can be especially striking when finished with a transparent or semi-transparent finish.

Birch plywood is a popular choice for furniture-making due to its strength, stability, and attractive appearance. It is also relatively lightweight compared to other types of hardwood plywood, making it easier to work with and transport. Additionally, birch plywood is available in a wide range of thicknesses and sizes, making it suitable for a variety of furniture-making applications.

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1220×2000 12mm, 1220×2440 12mm


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