Birch Plywoods PQ

The Birch plywood PQ is specifically designed for furniture making. Featuring uniformity, stability, and an attractive grain pattern, it is made from Birch veneer of the highest quality.

In furniture making, a plywood with a PQ rating means that both sides have a high-quality finish. In addition to indicating the plywood’s structural integrity, the grading system indicates that its surface is smooth with no knots, patches, or other defects.

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Birch Plywoods PQ is a type of Birch plywood that is specifically designed for use in furniture making. It is made from high-quality Birch veneer that is carefully selected for its uniformity, stability, and attractive grain pattern.

PQ is a grading system that indicates that both sides of the plywood have a high-quality finish, suitable for use in furniture making where appearance is important. The grading system also indicates that the plywood has a smooth surface free of knots, patches, or other defects that would impact its structural integrity or appearance.

Birch Plywoods PQ is available in various thicknesses, from thin sheets for use in veneering and panelling, to thicker sheets for use in furniture construction. It is a popular choice for creating modern and contemporary furniture designs due to its strength, stability, and aesthetic appeal.

Overall, Birch Plywoods PQ is a high-quality material that is suitable for use in a wide range of furniture-making applications, from cabinets and bookcases to tables and chairs. Its durability and aesthetic appeal make it a popular choice for furniture makers and designers around the world.

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1250 x 2500 9mm


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