Pine Rough Clear Grade 25 x 228 4.000m

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The Pine Rough Clear Grade 25 x 228 4.000m is rough-sawn on all sides and has a clear appearance despite not being planed or smoothed. Clear grade means the wood contains no knots, defects or other imperfections that may affect strength or appearance.

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Pine Rough Clear Grade 25 x 228 4.000m refers to a piece of pine lumber that is rough-sawn on all sides, indicating that it has not been planed or smoothed, but is still of high quality and has a clear appearance. “Clear grade” means that the wood is free of knots, defects, or other imperfections that could affect its strength or appearance.

The measurements provided indicate that the piece of lumber is 25 millimetres thick, 228 millimetres wide, and 4 metres long. This size of lumber is commonly used in construction projects for various purposes such as for framing, decking, and trim.

It’s important to note that rough-sawn lumber may require additional processing, such as planing or sanding, before it can be used for finished applications. The rough surface can make it more difficult to accurately measure and cut the lumber to the desired length or shape, and it may also be rough to the touch, which can be problematic for certain applications.