Rock Strong Film Face Panels


Base Board:

Engineered solely out of 100% hardwood veneers, bonded together in a cross banded construction.


Melamine Urea Formaldehyde glues, suitable for exterior applications, all glue lines are tried and tested WBP (Water Boil Proof).

Surface and edges:

Face & reverse:  A red colour Phenolic resin film impregnated into both faces with the ROCK STRONG logo printed on for easy identification.

Edge sealing:  Water resistant epoxy based paint.

Applications & comments:

Horizontal formwork for decks and slabs. Concrete surfaces to a very high specification and an excellent off-shutter finish. A respectable number of re-uses will be achieved, likely to last in the range of 5-7 re-uses if professionally handled with respect to stripping practices, cleaning and release agent treatment.

Panel size

Standard panel sizes:
610/625/1220/1250 x 2440/2500
Cut sizes at customer’s request
Size tolerance (length/width) ± 1-2mm per metre
Squareness tolerance ±1-2mm per metre length of diagonal


Rock Strong Film Face Plywood Panels



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