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The floor is one of the largest surfaces in your home. It is present in every room, and you can feel it under your feet every day. The life cycle of good floor is measured in years, and the best floors in decades. Timberwise manufactures single plank wooden floors which lasts from one generation to the next.

Timberwise is the first wooden flooring without no added formaldehyde, approved by Finnish Asthma, Skin and Allergy Foundation, to guarantee cleaner indoor air. Timberwise is manufactured in Finland using only the best European and Nordic natural materials. Portfolio consist on traditional 1 strip floors and Design floors. Available in Oak, Ash or Larch.

Timberwise flooring structure

Timberwise wood species

Oak grades Timberwise

Ash grades - Timberwise flooring

Larch grades - Timberwise flooring

Strip plank measurements - Timberwise
Design parquet measurements Timberwise



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Design Floors Showcase

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Oak Floors Showcase

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Ash Floors Showcase

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Larch Floors Showcase

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More information on the Timberwise website

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