WISA-Wire F is a plywood panel coated with a multilayer coating with improved fire safety properties, intended mainly for use in the transport industry (trains and buses), but also in other special applications.


  • Improved fire safety properties
  • Good strength and stiffness properties
  • Easy to machine


  • Railway coaches
  • Bus industry
  • Theatre floors


Phenolic resin cross-bonded weather resistant glueing according to EN 314-2 (Plywood –
Bonding) class 3 exterior.


Face: Dark brown phenolic resin based overlay with wiremesh pattern. Imprinted text: “WISA-WIRE F”
Reverse: Depending on customer’s request, the reverse can be uncoated or coated with either the same overlay as on the face or with basic phenolic resin film.

Fire classification

FMVSS 302 Approval
95/28/EC Approval (vehicle categories M2 and M3)
DIN 5510T2; Class S4/SR2/ST2 (railway rolling stock)
BS 476 Part 7, 1997; Class 1
NF 16-101, 16-102 and NF X 70-100: Class M2/Fi Thickness 15 mm and over
(to 12 mm M2/F1 class from special request)
EN 13501-1 (SBI-test) Class C-s1 d0 (thickness 15 mm)
EN 45545-2:2013(R10) HL1, HL2, HL3

Panel sizes

Standard sizes:
1200/1220/1250/1500/1525 x 2500 mm
The largest scarfjointed panel size 12300 x 2700 mm.
Please ask your sales contact for the availability of other sizes.

Tolerances for standard size panels

Size tolerances:
< 1000 mm ± 1 mm
1000 – 2000 mm ± 2 mm
2000 – 6000 mm ± 3 mm
> 6000 mm ± 5 mm
Squareness tolerance:
±1 mm / 1000 mm

Thicknesses and weights

Nominal thickness (mm) Number of plies Thickness (mm) Weight (kg/m2)
Min Max
12 9 11.0 12.0 8.4
15 11 13.8 14.8 10.5
18 13 16.6 17.6 12.6
21 15 19.5 20.5 14.7

Moisture content 8-12 %.


Product brochure

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