Pine Rough Industrial Grade

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This type of pine wood is used to make packaging, pallets, and crates for industrial applications. A rough surface indicates that the wood has not been planed or smoothed. The strength and durability of industrial grade pine are more important than its appearance.



Pine Rough Industrial Grade refers to a type of pine wood that is used in industrial applications, such as packaging, pallets, and crates. “Rough” refers to the surface texture of the wood, indicating that it has not been planed or smoothed.

Industrial grade pine is typically selected for its strength and durability rather than its appearance. It may have knots, cracks, and other defects that do not affect its structural integrity but can make it unsuitable for decorative or finished applications.

Pine is a relatively lightweight and affordable wood that is widely used in industrial settings due to its availability, workability, and cost-effectiveness. Rough-sawn pine is often used in heavy-duty applications where a smooth surface is not necessary, such as for supports, framing, or blocking.

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25 x 114 3.000m, 25 x 152 3.000m, 25 x 76 3.000m