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With decades of experience in the timber industry, we procure our stocks from
sustainable timber organisations both locally and internationally

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Engineered timber products sourced globally for every application.

Decades of experience, make Universal Plywood one of the leading, trusted and treasured timber manufacturers in South Africa. Our sustainable, quality products are distributed from warehouses located in Ballito, Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Bloemfontein.

From nature’s woodlands to your personal space, our sustainable stock has been harvested from well-managed and replenished forests. Minimising negative environmental impact, includes future generations in responsible, eco-friendly development and design. Perfect from start to finish, our local and global suppliers boast the highest ratings, confirmed by transferrable and accessible certification processes.

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We pride ourselves on ethical business practices, technical and logistical support as well as machining, CNC and other services.

Visit our branches. We are home to many well-known brands such as Wisa and Lunawood. Feel, see the quality, and affordability of our products, which are all perfect choices, for any creative, stylistic indoor or outdoor project as well as in the construction and transport industries.



Our products are designed and manufactured with your requirement in mind. We offer an extensive range of appearance grade plywoods for use in the furniture and shopfitting manufacturing industries.  To meet your needs, we offer CNC and general straight edge cutting services.



Our many years of diverse experience working with plywood in the building construction industry all us to offer you the expertise you need. You can purchase all your plywood requirement for building and construction. We import plywoods for building frameworks and interior and exterior building and concrete castings.



Our formwork beams comprise the H20 beam with an end cap protection and the LVL beam, also known as the GTX beam. In addition in our range are six different species and grades of engineered formwork panels that are the most popular. All beams are made with an exterior glue system. These include the superior Birch specie panels through to general use pine plywoods.



We include non-slip and high friction protective coatings in our WISA Plywood panels that have an excellent strength to weight ratio as well as an attractive appeal. WISA Plywoods are generally used where an exceedingly high demand application is required such as Liquid Nitrogen Gas (LNG) shipping tankers. These tankers have Birch plywood lines inside the hull of the ship to control temperature and protect the steel hull from freezing and shattering due to LNG sub-zero temperatures. Birch plywood is also used in the truck trailer industries for flooring.

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Universal Plywood – Women Who Work Wonders with Wood

Aug 9th, 2022|Furniture, Local South African Projects, Lunawood, Universal Plywoods, WISA PLYWOODS, WISA-Birch plywood|

Liza Petrie - From Enterprise Architect to Furniture Architect  Liza loves to create furniture, starting with drawings to

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