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WISA-SpruceWR is a lightweight water repellent plywood panel for structural uses. The wood-based water repellent coating agent protects the panel from the weather and adds efficiency to construction work. The wood-based agent creates a barrier slowing the rate of moisture penetration to the structure. At the same time, the surface allows the panel to breath and dry freely.


WISA-SpruceWR is a lightweight water repellent plywood panel for structural uses. The wood-based water repellent coating agent protects the panel from the weather and adds efficiency to construction work. The wood-based agent creates a barrier slowing the rate of moisture penetration to the structure. At the same time, the surface allows the panel to breath and dry freely.
Water repellent
High quality
PEFC certified
Temporary building
Weather resistant glueing according to EN 314-2/class 3 Exterior. WISA-SpruceWR fulfills the requirements of EN 13986 E1 low formaldehyde emission class. On request deliveries according to TSCA Title VI / CARB Phase II / JAS Four Stars.
Surface and edges
Face veneer grades II and III (comply with standard EN 635-3).
Additional grade G (improved/solid grade II).
Edge machinings available on request.
Panel size
Standard sizes: 2400/2440/2500 x 1200/1220/1250 mm
Tongued and grooved 2400/2440 x 600/1200 mm
Other sizes on request.
Size tolerances < 1000 mm ±1 mm
1000 – 2000 mm ±2 mm
> 2000 mm ±3 mm
Squareness tolerance ±1 mm / 1000 mm

Thicknesses and weights

Nominal thickness
Number of plies ​ ​Thickness (mm) ​ Weight (kg/m2) abt ​
min – max.
12 ​5 ​11.5 – 12.5 ​5.7
15 ​5 ​14.3 – 15.3 7.0
18 ​7 ​17.1 – 18.1 ​8.1
21 ​7 ​20.0 – 20.9 ​9.4

Sizes and thicknesses relating to moisture content 8 – 12 %.
Thicknesses and tolerances fulfil the EN 315 requirements.