Extending Your Living Space and Investment – Decking and Pergolas

A challenge in modern architecture is to connect to nature through design and structure. What better way to do this than to add a deck and fashionable pergola to an outdoor space, taking the interior of a home and the beauty of the natural landscape to the next level. Pergolas are outdoor, overhead structures that

Balau – The Indonesian, Dense Hardwood

Balau is an Indonesian, dense hardwood, which is the preferred decking timber for coastal regions like Durban and Cape Town but can also handle drier climates. However, like most timber, if correctly maintained, it will survive other climatic conditions such as coastal regions. When treated, it usually takes on a reddish-brown to purple-brown colour with a coarse

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Decking Timbers – Lunawood, Balau, Garapa & Massaranduba

Lunawood timber is an innovative solution for sustainable and long-lasting wood projects both indoors and outdoors. Lunawood is harvested from sustainably certified Nordic forests of Scandinavia, from where it is transported to mills in Finland and thermally treated. This Nordic timber is non-toxic and suitable for all climates and weather. It also has a high

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