Massaranduba timber – durable, hardy and ideal for decking

Originating in South America, Massaranduba timber is durable, hardy and ideal for decking. It is highly resistant to weather, rot, fungi and wood-boring insects. Its warm and rich reddish-brown colour, which tends to darken with age if left untreated, is an excellent choice for creating a rustic vibe. It is infrequently imported, so expect prices to be in

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Decking Timbers – Lunawood, Balau, Garapa & Massaranduba

Lunawood timber is an innovative solution for sustainable and long-lasting wood projects both indoors and outdoors. Lunawood is harvested from sustainably certified Nordic forests of Scandinavia, from where it is transported to mills in Finland and thermally treated. This Nordic timber is non-toxic and suitable for all climates and weather. It also has a high

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