Nordic Lunawood Charms the Harsh Climate in Botswana

Nordic Lunawood Charms the Harsh Climate in Botswana

Nordic Lunawood Charms the Harsh Climate in Botswana

To design bush lodges, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of the African landscape and how to effectively integrate man-made structures into natural surroundings.

Through the architectural design of Lisa Rorich Architects, Botswana Lodge, Machaba Safaris, captures this knowledge and reflects insightful creativity and project expertise. Lisa Rorich invites the outdoors in. The lodge’s minimalist, contemporary design and décor, create an intriguing contrast with the natural Botswanan landscape.

In a place with constantly high temperatures and no distinct seasons, selecting the highest quality building materials was essential. Due to its durability in harsh climates and the ability to integrate with the landscape’s aesthetic beauty, Lunawood Thermowood was chosen for interior walls and bathrooms. Lightweight, engineered Lunawood Thermowood, designed with tongue-and-groove and clipping systems, is easy to transport and install in the bush.

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Wood is a natural insulator, which prevents heat loss. It also maintains cooler temperatures, which ultimately saves precious energy.

In addition to being exceptionally functional, Lunawood feature walls set the tone of your interior. There is a striking, rich hue to Lunawood, with its butterfly-shaped knots, adding character and interest to a peaceful, private space.

In the bedrooms, there is a sense of serenity and peace associated with minimalist design. As a result, each element of the design stands out. This style showcases the raw beauty of Lunawood cladded walls and the concrete ceiling. Natural wood provides a warm, welcoming contrast to the cool tones of concrete. The colour palette in the room from wall to accessories invites nature into the living space.

The sophisticated 3D profile of Lunawood Trio creates an elegant decorative surface.

Taking a bath outdoors is one of the most luxurious ways to wash away the heat and dust of the African day.

Experience authentic bushveld ambience in a living space that is connected to nature.

Whether you are creating your own bush haven in the suburbs or in the wild, contact Universal Plywoods for expert advice on exterior and interior wood products. Warehouses are based in Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, Ballito, Durban and Cape Town.

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