Triple Shadow Thermo-D WW SAP A

Lunawood Triple Shadow Thermo-D WW SAP A is thermally modified wood. Its three-dimensional profile makes it ideal for exterior cladding applications.

The Triple Shadow profile creates a dynamic and textured appearance with three overlapping boards. The boards are tongue-and-groove joined for easy installation a seamless finish.



Lunawood Triple Shadow Thermo-D WW SAP A is a type of thermally modified wood product. The product is designed for use in exterior cladding applications, and is characterised by its unique, three-dimensional profile.
The Triple Shadow profile consists of three overlapping boards, which creates a distinctive shadow effect and gives the façade a dynamic and textured appearance. The boards are tongue-and-groove jointed for easy installation and a seamless finish.
The Thermo-D process involves treating the wood with heat and steam, which changes the properties of the wood and makes it more durable, stable, and resistant to decay and weathering. The SAP (Selective AB Pine) A designation refers to the grade of the product, which is selected for its high quality and uniform appearance.
Lunawood Triple Shadow Thermo-D WW SAP A is available in a range of sizes and can be used for both residential and commercial projects. The thermal modification process gives the wood a beautiful, rich, and uniform colour, which can vary from light to dark brown depending on the intensity of the treatment. The product is also highly resistant to moisture and dimensional changes, making it ideal for use in challenging exterior environments.

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32×140 4.500m


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