WISA-Birch is a high quality, multipurpose product for various applications where an excellent strength to weight ratio is needed. Strong standard construction can be optimised even further by using strength oriented construction when needed. Due to its light, smooth and even surface WISA-Birch offers an optimal base for different overlaying methods.


  • Excellent strength/weight ratio
  • Possibility to customise according to your needs
  • Light, smooth and hard surface
  • Wide size and thickness range available with strict tolerances


  • Vehicle floors
  • Joinery and shop fitting
  • Laminating industry
  • Furniture
  • High end packaging


Weather resistant gluing according to EN 314-2/class 3 Exterior. WISA-Birch fulfills the requirements of EN 13986 E1 low formaldehyde emission class. On request deliveries according to EPA/CARB.

Available surface qualities

BB (III) and WG (IV)

All available surface qualitieds comply with the EN 635 standard (Plywood – Classification by surface appearance) and are in part stricter.

BB is for end use where sound surface appearance is required. WG is recommended for applications where the technical properties of birch plywood are needed but surface appearance is not of primary importance.

Standard panel sizes (mm)

1000 x 2000/2500/3000 mm
1220/1250 x 2440/2500 mm
1500/1525 x 2500/3000/3050/3660 mm

Pre-cut panels and cnc-machined components available on request.

Size tolerance (lenght/width) ± 1 mm/1000 mm
Squareness tolerance ± 1 mm/1000 mm

Thicknesses and weights

Nominal thickness (mm) ​ Number of plies

Thickness (mm) ​ Weight (kg/m2) abt.  ​
​Min ​Max
6.5 5 6.1 6.9 4.4
9 7 8.8 ​9.5 6.1
​12 ​9 ​11.5 ​12.5 ​8.2
​15 ​11 ​14.3 ​15.3 ​10.2
​18 ​13 ​17.1 ​18.1 ​12.2
​21 ​15 ​20.0 ​20.9 ​14.3
​24 ​17 ​22.9 ​23.7 ​16.3
​27 ​19 ​25.2 ​26.8 ​18.4
​30 ​21 ​28.1 ​29.9 ​20.4
Maximum thickness 50 mm, ask for availability​

Size and thicknesses relating to moisture content 8 – 12 %.
Thicknesses and tolerances fulfill the requirements of EN 315 (Plywood – Toleranes for dimensions) and are in part stricter.
Designed strength properties and thicknesses available on request.


Product brochure

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