5 Benefits of using Birch Plywood

WISA plywood is a high-quality plywood brand that is known for its durability, strength, and versatility. WISA plywood is manufactured by UPM Plywood, a Finnish company that has been producing high-quality wood products for over 100 years. WISA plywood is made from a variety of wood species, including birch and spruce. Birch plywood is one

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Re-imagine the way we work and live. Raw Modular.

"The future is fuss-free. Raw Modular compact living structures showcase how we re-imagine the way we work and live. From future-forward prototypes to plug-and-play solutions that change with you - from function to Interior to location." - Raw Modular At Universal Plywoods, Birch Plywood has become a main material choice for internal application, such as

A Variety of Sustainable Timber for ‘Future Africa Campus’

The University of Pretoria, in 2019, set an ambitious task for its designers and manufacturers. They were required to develop a hub where scientists from Africa and global scholars could collaborate. Like-minded and highly motivated, the energetic team employed to build this structure, created a sustainable and aesthetic environment, conducive to the research and critical

Cabin Fever

This cabin, dubbed the ‘Hideout’ and designed by Raw Modular, takes one by surprise when opening the door. It elicits a feverish excitement, particularly in those, who appreciate the spatial quality of compact living. Elevated on a raised platform, the architectural design is driven by functionality, flexibility, and efficiency. Sustainability is its key feature. Engineered

Extending Your Living Space and Investment – Decking and Pergolas

A challenge in modern architecture is to connect to nature through design and structure. What better way to do this than to add a deck and fashionable pergola to an outdoor space, taking the interior of a home and the beauty of the natural landscape to the next level. Pergolas are outdoor, overhead structures that

Universal Plywood – Women Who Work Wonders with Wood

Liza Petrie - From Enterprise Architect to Furniture Architect  Liza loves to create furniture, starting with drawings to manufacturing finished items. In her early career, Liza specialised in optimising corporate business systems, a skill that would later be incorporated into furniture design and manufacturing. At 40, Liza decided it was time for a new profession that

Updated EPDs for WISA spruce plywood provide information on life-cycle climate impacts.

Taken from WISA's website. Read the original article here. Text by Janne Suokas UPM's WISA spruce plywoods act as carbon sinks throughout their lifetime and their life cycle contribution to fossil CO2 emissions is very low. The climate benefits of the products are reflected in the updated Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), which include calculations according to the

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Preserving forests requires more than planting trees.

Taken from UPM.COM - read the original article here. Journalist: SALMAN AHMED Reforestation initiatives have taken off as countries seek to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. The Paris Climate Agreement specifically encouraged governments to engage in sustainable forest management as a way to preserve carbon sinks, and the 2019 IPCC report cited planting

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A diverse forest produces healthy trees.

Taken from the WISA website. Read the original article here. Written by: Petra Niemi A healthy, diverse and sustainably managed forest is not only a source of food and a mitigator of climate change but also the provider of high-quality wood material. 2020 marked the first-ever UN International Year of Plant Health. What does plant

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WISA Woodsat wooden satellite takes a test flight from Heureka

Press Release from www.wisaplywood.com/wisawoodsat   (UPM, Helsinki, 8 June 2021 at 09:00 EEST) – The world’s first wooden satellite mission, WISA WoodsatTM, will have its first taste of space conditions on 12th of June, when a weather balloon will carry the satellite prototype to a stratospheric altitude of approx. 30 kilometres. The stratospheric flight will test

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