How WISA® Plywood Ensures Consistency and Reliability

How WISA® Plywood Ensures Consistency and Reliability

How WISA® Plywood Ensures Consistency and Reliability

Architects, engineers, and builders rely on globally trusted and established brands such as WISA® plywood to achieve quality and superior results in their craft. Without this consistency, projects present more room for error and can create problems when the fabrication starts. WISA® plywood prides themselves on given us this assurance by being incredibly consistent and reliable from start to finish during the manufacturing process.

WISA® plywood is one of the few companies that actually takes proper care in selecting raw materials. The focus is sustainable. Choosing WISA® plywood means you’re supporting responsible forest management in Finland and the Baltics which ultimately means your are contributing to the global drive for sustainability.

What does it actually mean when we talk about forest management? Well, all raw materials are indigenous tree species – Spruce and Baltic Birch – which are rich in biodiversity. Biodiversity refers to the ecosystem of a multitude of wildlife co-existing, create the perfect balance. Another serious plus is that the timber source is always known, accompanied by third-party chain of custody certification from FSCTM and PEFC: this means there is no allowance for “cutting corners”.

WISA® plywood are not here for a haircut. They maintain quality throughout the production process, using advanced and eco-friendly techniques. State-of-the-art machinery and equipment are employed to ensure precise cutting, bonding, and pressing of veneers. CNC machines cut-to-size and turn plywood panels into ready-to-install products. Time is taken to ensure that the coating makes plywood more resistant to wear, impact, chemicals and UV light. Various patterns are imprinted on films and laminates to improve the frictional properties of the panel. This eliminates variations in thickness, density, and strength, resulting in uniform and reliable plywood.

Plywood panels are composed of at least three veneers which results in the products being strong and durable. Take Birch Plywood for example. This is used for applications that require special strength or a smooth and durable surface such as furniture, modular systems and … Spruce Plywood, which is lightweight and cost effective, is widely used for construction because the timber can handle the pace of construction sites.

Every stage of the production process is governed by robust quality control systems which means that the product is consistent and very seldom lets us down. Regular inspections and tests ensure raw material quality, adherence to manufacturing standards, and product compliance. Every production batch is extensively tested for strength, durability, moisture resistance, and dimensional stability. Only high-quality plywood reaches the market through this rigorous quality control process. We told you; WISA® plywood is at the top of their game.

WISA® plywood are also leaders in their industry. They invest in ongoing research and development activities. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the plywood industry, WISA® plywood enhances their products’ consistency and reliability all the time. To mention a few, this includes developing new bonding techniques, exploring innovative materials, and refining production methods to meet evolving customer needs.

Universal Plywoods values its customers’ needs. As distributors of WISA® plywood in Southern Africa, we are always available to address any queries or offer professional advice on product choice. Universal Plywoods’ mission is to enable builders, architects and engineers to create their designs with confidence, precision and achieve their aesthetic goals. Visit one of our five factories located in Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban or Ballito to view our vast range of products.