Aesthetically pleasing and functional: WISA Plywood

Aesthetically pleasing and functional: WISA Plywood

Aesthetically pleasing and functional: WISA Plywood

When tackling a variety of projects, WISA Plywood is globally popular and sought-after. Choosing the right grade and type of WISA Plywood is based on intended use, structural needs, aesthetic preferences, and environmental conditions.

Grade refers to a wood’s natural appearance, such as knots, streaks, shakes, and wane. Grade A, for instance, has no knots, splits, or visible defects. Although Grade B has a few minor defects, and Grade C has some knots, one side may be defect-free. On the other hand, Grade D contains pin knots and other small blemishes. In terms of quality, AB grade plywood is the best combination of grades. This material is incredibly consistent in its appearance and has no big colour variations. There may be small pin knots, but they are usually no larger than a few millimetres across.

Quality is the finished wood after it’s sustainably engineered. Quality includes length, width, depth, finish, and colour.

WISA-Form Birch Plywood is specifically designed for concrete formwork. The surface is smooth and offers excellent formwork release properties because of the high-quality birch veneers. Birch from WISA-Form is known for its durability, dimensional stability, and reusability.

WISA-Trans, designed for transportation and vehicle flooring applications, is manufactured using high-quality birch veneers and features a slip-resistant surface that provides excellent grip for cargo. Among other qualities it is resistant to abrasion and chemicals.

WISA Hexa-Grip plywood has a hexagonal pattern on the surface. It’s slip-resistant and stable. Typically it’s used in stage, ramp, walkway, and trailer flooring where a high level of grip is needed.

Known for its high strength-to-weight ratio, WISA-Spruce is great for walls, roofs, floors, and furniture. WISA-Spruce is available in different thicknesses widely used in construction and carpentry projects.

WISA plywood is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. It is available in various surface finishes, including natural wood veneers, laminates, and coatings. This applies itself to many applications such as furniture, cladding and flooring.

Universal Plywood has been in partnership with WISA Plywood for over 11 years and are the largest distributors in Southern Africa. We offer expert advice and service when choosing the appropriate grade and type of WISA plywood for your indoor and outdoor projects. We can also advise you on aspects such as load-bearing capacity, moisture resistance, surface finish, and durability. It’s advisable to consult with a professional to ensure you choose the most suitable WISA plywood for your intended application. We have five factories located in Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Ballito.