Lunawood Thermowood – Engineering the Frontline

Lunawood Thermowood – Engineering the Frontline

Lunawood Thermowood – Engineering the Frontline

Globally, the Russian / Ukrainian conflict is creating a short supply of Siberian Larch. Architects and consumers have been compelled to search for a sustainable alternative. There is good reason why Siberian Larch has been so popular. It is aesthetically dynamic, resistant to the elements, and one of the hardest softwoods in the world.

But the good news is that Lunawood Thermowood, which is an engineered Spruce and Pine wood from Finland, is the perfect replacement. Almost identical twins, it is difficult to tell the difference between the two. They mirror each other in appearance and in technical properties.

Left side: Siberian Larch, right side: Lunawood’s thermally modified spruce cladding, Luna Layer

Heat and steam are the only natural methods used to thermally modify Lunawood products. Primary characteristics of Lunawood are its dimensional stability, durability, and sustainability. Throughout its life cycle, it requires no surface treatments, making it an environmentally friendly product with a reduced carbon footprint and low maintenance.

The product of the season, in the Lunawood range is Luna Layer. Luna Layer, features a brushed surface and sharp-edged profile, available in two widths, 142 and 188 mm. Due to its 19 mm thickness, it is suitable for both exterior and interior cladding. In addition to adding texture to the surface, the brushed finish highlights the natural beauty of Thermowood.

Wittywood an office building in Spain, is a remarkable project featured with Luna Layer. Located in Barcelona. ARCHITECT: Ballarin & Grinyó PHOTO: Julieta Collado (for Ebanistería Gomar) @lunawood.official

 Universal Plywood are the sole distributors of Lunawood. For further information and advice from our informed staff, contact us. There are warehouses in Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Ballito and Durban.