Cabin Fever

This cabin, dubbed the ‘Hideout’ and designed by Raw Modular, takes one by surprise when opening the door. It elicits a feverish excitement, particularly in those, who appreciate the spatial quality of compact living. Elevated on a raised platform, the architectural design is driven by functionality, flexibility, and efficiency. Sustainability is its key feature. Engineered

Lunawood Thermowood – Engineering the Frontline

Globally, the Russian / Ukrainian conflict is creating a short supply of Siberian Larch. Architects and consumers have been compelled to search for a sustainable alternative. There is good reason why Siberian Larch has been so popular. It is aesthetically dynamic, resistant to the elements, and one of the hardest softwoods in the world. But

LUNAWOOD PRO COAT BLACK – Sophisticated Elegance

The use of dark wood for exterior and interior cladding is becoming increasingly popular. Despite its neutral appearance, black adds a noticeable dimension to the architectural design, adding a perfect combination of linear clarity and earthy tones. Thermowood Luna Pro Coated UTV 20x142 Hidden Nailing Brushed Black is a premium façade cladding. With its tongue-and-groove

Women Who Work Wonders with Wood

Tracy Levison - Passionate about Eco-friendly Architecture According to Tracy, LevEco Architects, “A focus in our industry, as we move into the 2020s and beyond, is sustainability. Climate change issues and sustainable solutions to our earth’s problems are really at the foreground of many people’s minds. The built environment contributes immensely to the above, and

Updated EPDs for WISA spruce plywood provide information on life-cycle climate impacts.

Taken from WISA's website. Read the original article here. Text by Janne Suokas UPM's WISA spruce plywoods act as carbon sinks throughout their lifetime and their life cycle contribution to fossil CO2 emissions is very low. The climate benefits of the products are reflected in the updated Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), which include calculations according to the

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A diverse forest produces healthy trees.

Taken from the WISA website. Read the original article here. Written by: Petra Niemi A healthy, diverse and sustainably managed forest is not only a source of food and a mitigator of climate change but also the provider of high-quality wood material. 2020 marked the first-ever UN International Year of Plant Health. What does plant

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