Lunawood – Stable, opulent aesthetics and haptic properties

Lunawood – Stable, opulent aesthetics and haptic properties

Lunawood – Stable, opulent aesthetics and haptic properties

Lunawood timber is an innovative solution for sustainable and long-lasting wood projects both indoors and outdoors.

Lunawood is harvested from sustainably certified Nordic forests of Scandinavia, from where it is transported to mills in Finland and thermally treated. This Nordic timber is non-toxic and suitable for all climates and weather. It also has a high resistance to insect invasion because of thermal modification. Typically, a rich brown Walnut like colour, with a hint of yellow or red, Lunawood brings opulence and luxury to any space. Its unique properties will inspire ecological and creative, architectural designs. Expect prices to be in a similar price to tropical hardwoods such as Balau and Garapa.

What does it mean to be sustainable?

Sustainability, in a nutshell, is the responsibility to conserve and protect natural resources, now and in the future.

Nordic forestry had been dedicated to sustainability for decades before it became a buzz word for environmentalists and politicians. Sustainable, forestry management guarantees that more wood grows than is harvested each year. To do this, forestry legislation limits the amount of harvested timber and compels owners to replant their forests following felling. So, for every tree felled, it is likely that four or more saplings are planted in its place. Consequently, the forest will never be depleted, and its resources will always be protected. This is where, Lunawood, ticks all the boxes.

Thermal Modification

To provide the highest quality product, Lunawood, selects the best certified Nordic Pine and Spruce wood, using only the healthiest parts of the tree. Thermal modification, which is a patented production process, is applied to the timber.  No chemicals are used only steam and heat. The heat removes organic compounds from wood cells, which restricts water absorption, and prevents the wood from expanding and contracting. Water extraction results in removing the nourishment required for fungi or insects and makes the wood lightweight. The high heat results in durability, one of the many outstanding features of this product. All products in this category can enjoy from up to 20 to 25 years of exterior use.

Lunawood the Innovative Product

Lunawood’s properties make it versatile both in exterior and interior application. It is flexible in presentation and outdoor function and lends itself to such features as decks, patios, pergolas, stairs, decorative features such as flower boxes and distinctive frames for doorways and windows.

The safety of the chemically untreated wood, its durability and its significantly decreased absorption capacity means that it can be used to create key elements indoors. These include luxurious ceiling panels that can extend beyond a patio and blend into the natural environment, furniture and sauna and bathroom fixtures, panelling and floors. Lunawood Thermowood is an outstanding product because of its stability, opulent aesthetics and haptic properties.

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