RAW Modular – a place for creating, streaming, making, trading.

RAW Modular – a place for creating, streaming, making, trading.

RAW Modular – a place for creating, streaming, making, trading.

Now these are the projects we get excited about! Locally produced, eco-friendly, innovative, proudly South African and showing off two of the most dynamic and sustainably grown timber products this side of the twentieth century.

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RAW Modular, the designers and creators of this beauty, are all about simplifying life, producing brilliant furniture, exciting modular systems, and compact living structures. The designs and materials used, tick all the boxes on the sustainability front and it is the reason they are a hot favourite in the timber, design and architectural industries. 

The benefits of efficient, minimalistic systems means less impact on the environment and an eco-friendly mindset, paving the way for a relaxed and down-to-earth lifestyle and one that future generations will enjoy. The cabin seen in this video, is a prime example of the spectacular design elements of RAW Modular: an artistic space that can be used for any purpose. A place for creating, streaming, making, and trading. 

The interior of the cabin uses Uncoated WISA-Birch Special, a multipurpose high-quality plywood, which is known for its strength and durability. Its light, smooth surface is the perfect customisable timber product for this dynamic, geometric space. [link to product]

Luna UTV 19×117, an aesthetic beauty, has been used on the exterior and connects us to the environment. This sustainable, quality product, has been selected from the best certified Nordic Pine and Spruce wood, using only the healthiest parts of the tree. Lunawood brings opulence and luxury to any space. [link to product] 

This video illustrates one of the incredible projects offered by RAW Modular. The structures are prefabricated in the workshop and arrive fully assembled. It is the ultimate ‘plug and play’ system. The vision of RAW Modular is to promote a fuss-free future that sets a sustainable tone for future generations, with the help of timber industry giants like Lunawood and WISA.

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