Massaranduba timber – durable, hardy and ideal for decking

Massaranduba timber – durable, hardy and ideal for decking

Massaranduba timber – durable, hardy and ideal for decking

Originating in South America, Massaranduba timber is durable, hardy and ideal for decking. It is highly resistant to weather, rot, fungi and wood-boring insects.

Its warm and rich reddish-brown colour, which tends to darken with age if left untreated, is an excellent choice for creating a rustic vibe. It is infrequently imported, so expect prices to be in the mid to upper range.

Architects and designers enjoy using Massaranduba because it is robust, durable, easily sustainable and is an aesthetically pleasing wood, especially for homes with deep dark tones or reddish finishes.

It is suitable for heavy frames, outside staircases, terraces, decking, floors and engineering work. Before installation, it is dried naturally and then in a kiln to balance the moisture content to avoid shrinkage. It holds up well in an environment of intense heat or one that is close to water as it is free from harmful chemicals and will not harm the environment. It naturally resists rot, decay and termites and is highly resistant to splintering, twisting, or cracking.

In the outdoors, its rich and brownish-red colour palette with red undertones gives it a warm and comfortable feel. Colour variation draws attention to the straight, somewhat wavy, or interlocked grain pattern of this exotic hardwood

If installed correctly, the timber should last between 15 and 20 years. Massaranduba wood can be left untreated, and it will slowly age to a distinctive greyish-silver.

In short, Massaranduba, is a hardwood of good quality, which has many stunning features and is reasonably priced.

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