Universal Plywood – Women Who Work Wonders with Wood

Universal Plywood – Women Who Work Wonders with Wood

Universal Plywood – Women Who Work Wonders with Wood

Liza Petrie – From Enterprise Architect to Furniture Architect 

Liza loves to create furniture, starting with drawings to manufacturing finished items. In her early career, Liza specialised in optimising corporate business systems, a skill that would later be incorporated into furniture design and manufacturing.

At 40, Liza decided it was time for a new profession that would accommodate her new role as mom.  Her husband, Allen, who is passionate about woodworking, suggested she learn cabinet making and use his vast collection of tools to start manufacturing furniture.  Liza dived straight in, and after years of working and studying, she qualified as a cabinet maker and set up their workshop specialising in crafting quality furniture.  A couple of years later, they decided to open their first retail outlet in Salt Rock to showcase their work.

During this time, Liza and Allen started teaching woodworking to DIY enthusiasts, sharing their vast knowledge and experience in furniture manufacturing. Under the Universal Plywood banner, Allen now has a series of YOUTUBE videos, which showcase the versatility of wood and other wood products such as plywood.  Allen encourages other makers to adopt an open-minded approach when using materials such as engineered woods, which also deliver the same aesthetic value as traditional wood.  Plywood is stable and ideal for furniture particularly for veneers, templates, and jigs. Universal Plywood are distributors of a vast range of plywood. Visit your local branch.

A beautiful table crafted from Lunawood.

For more information contact Greenhaus Furniture & Décor Manufacturers:  www.greenhaus.co.za  or 082 565 2819

Follow Al’s YouTube videos for projects and enlightened information on timber especially the versatility of plywood.

Allen Petrie

https://universalply.com › youtube-channel

For further information on purchasing wood products, contact Universal Plywood. There are warehouses in Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, Ballito, Durban and Cape Town, which stock a vast variety of different wood products suitable for all indoor and outdoor applications. We know our game and pride ourselves on our excellent service.