Trio Thermo-D Rw A

Trio profiles feature three boards of equal width that are staggered to create a unique and dynamic appearance. With tongue-and-groove joinery, the boards are easy to install and provide a seamless finish. Light brown in color, Lunawood Trio Thermo-D RW A is uniform and consistent in appearance, but may darken with age.



Lunawood Trio Thermo-D Rw A is a type of thermally modified wood product. This product is designed for use in exterior cladding applications and is characterised by its distinctive, three-board profile.

The Trio profile consists of three boards of equal width, which are arranged in a staggered pattern to create a unique and dynamic appearance. The boards are tongue-and-groove jointed for easy installation and a seamless finish. The Thermo-D process involves treating the wood with heat and steam, which changes the properties of the wood and makes it more durable, stable, and resistant to decay and weathering.

The RW A designation refers to the overall quality and appearance of the wood, which is typically of a higher standard. The product is available in a range of sizes and can be used for both residential and commercial projects.

Lunawood Trio Thermo-D RW A has a uniform and consistent appearance, with a light brown colour that may darken over time. The product is highly resistant to moisture and dimensional changes, making it ideal for use in challenging exterior environments. It can be used for cladding, decking, and other exterior applications, as well as for interior design and furniture. The unique Trio profile provides a stylish and eye-catching option for exterior cladding projects, and is suitable for a variety of architectural styles.



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26 x 92 3.000m, 26 x 92 3.300m, 26 x 92 3.600m, 26 x 92 4.200m


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